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The Osborne School of Dance Tel:    01789 841070
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The Osborne School of Dance (est. 30 years)

(Founder: Jim Osborne)

Principal: Val Osborne AUKA MGPTD

The Osborne School of Dance was established by the late Jim Osborne.

Jim passed away in 2005 and since then his wife Val has been running the school, continuing the work that Jim started.

As far as we can tell from records the school started in 1982. Since then numerous people have attended the school and learned all sorts of dancing. The emphasis of the school has mainly been on Ballroom and Latin styles but others such as Modern Sequence and Argentine Tango have become established classes.

The school runs classes at various levels of experience in Ballroom, Latin American, Sequence and Argentine Tango. Private lessons can also be arranged and tailored for different dances and requirements. Click here to find out more about the styles.

It can also provide choreographed dances in any of the above styles to cater for those special occasions e.g. First Wedding Dance, Anniversary Dance, Birthday Dance and Corporate Dinner Dances. Tip: Start well in advance of your event, 6 months is not too soon to start preparing!