Site Last update: 29/08/2021

The Osborne School of Dance Tel:    01789 841070

Changes to lessons or classes will be

notified here by 1:00 p.m.

The School has now reopened under the guidelines as set out by the government.

Lifting of COVID restrictions

Whilst this is excellent news we have to remember that the pandemic is still amongst us and it would be wise to exercise caution.

Rooms will still be safest when ventilated, surfaces cleaned and elbow bumps retained as a greeting!

As a further precaution we have decided that for a while we won’t have an American supper at the monthly dance to avoid the problems associated with buffets i.e. sharing food and too many people handling the same serving spoons.

However, there will still be an interval and you are welcome to bring drinks and snacks for yourselves. Glasses will be available.

No raffle just yet and contact less payment for entry is still much appreciated.

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